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GMX Mail Benefits and disadvantages

November 23, 2020

GMX Mail is an email platform with a multipurpose approach of functions and possibilities, involving plenty of solutions that are beyond emailing and are closer to this ultimate organizer for the user, and even for small and mid-size business that need reliable service to receive and send messages.

By reviewing GMX Mail more deeply, we can see that it almost results in a perfect platform with very few flaws, almost none to be more accurate. However, as any service GMX Mail also involves some disadvantages that do not come to be deal breakers by any means, but should be mentioned for the user´s sake. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of GMX Mail.

Main advantages provided by GMX Mail

When it comes to advantages, GMX Mail offers an extensive array of benefits that are responsible of more than 20 million users the platform has to this day. To being with, it is more than an email solution to become in a powerful cloud, emailing and organization website, where users can manage their messages, contacts, appointments, reminders, attachments and documents for free and with guaranteed security and privacy.

All of this can be done through the internet browser of choice or by using the official GMX Mail app available for the App Store on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and also on the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets running Android as operating system.

gmx mail

With this email solution, by creating the account from the beginning the user obtains up to 65 GB in message and attachment storage that translates into 500.000 emails. Speaking about attachments, GMX Mail does not have the usual limitation respecting other providers where attached files must be small or compressed, since photos, documents or any other can reach up to 50 MB so the attachments keep quality.

Regarding organization options, the platform allows to integrate and sync other email addresses from other vendors as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, thanks to Mail Collector. Also, GMX is able to store contacts, an online calendar to save appointments and reminders, online office solutions to create productivity documents on the go and even a migration service to keep to move one account and information to another.

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Disadvantages of GMX Mail

As any service, GMX may involve some disadvantages or lack of functions, and while they do not mean in a deal breaker about the quality of the platform, it is better to be aware of them, just in case.

For starters, the service is free but as it happens with any platform that is provided with no cost, ads are shown on the inbox and in different areas of the messages, and while they are not intrusive or too cluttered, it can be annoying for some users. This is the way GMX is able to monetize the provided services. There is a premium subscription available.

disadvantages GMX Mail

Another disadvantage is that at the moment, smart folders are not available and messages cannot be labeled for better organization, although new functions are always added through frequent updates.