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GMX Mail How to Create Folders and Manage Messages

December 21, 2020

In many cases we get to receive so many emails; subscriptions, newsletter messages, emails from work, ads, notification emails and more, which simply clutter our inboxes to the point where everything is an absolute mess. Thankfully, when using GMX Mail you can have a clean inbox with folders and message management.

In this way, you get to decide where to move message, have customizable folders and organizer your inbox the best way. This is how is done.

Creating New Customizable Folders in GMX Mail

To create customizable folders in GMX Mail is easy and allows to have a more cleverly organized inbox. To begin with, let´s sign in to enter the platform and when we have done it, click on “E-Mail” as main option on the tab panel on top.

GMX Mail Create Folders

In this way we access the inbox and options related only to emailing. On the left we have the main options, along a folders list where all containers are show. Below this list there is a button that appears as “New Folder”, click on it.

GMX Mail Create Folders

When you do it, the button will become a blank field to enter the new folder´s title right away, so write it down and as easy as that the folder will be created. In this case, the name of the folder will be “Business” to save business-related messages only.

This how the folder looks when done.

GMX Mail Create Folders

Managing Folders in GMX Mail

Now that we know how to create folders we can manage them in terms of functions as deleting and editing them at any given time and depending on specific needs. Every customizable folder has a “Folder Settings” button to set the folder and it appears when we place the cursor on it.

You can rename the folder, move it, set specific storage time period, delete it or empty the folder completely. Clicking on “OK” will complete any selected option.

GMX Mail Create Folders

To delete a folder, on this same screen click on “Delete Folder” and it will be removed after selecting “OK”.

GMX Mail Create Folders

As you can see, the “Business” folder that was previously created has been deleted and is no longer available on the folders list.

Moving and Managing Messages in GMX Mail

With GMX Mail is possible to manage and move messages as best convenient, having great importance the customizable folders. For example, we have an email in our inbox that belongs to a specific category, business let´s say, we will be able to move it.

To do it, go to the inbox or emails list where the message is and selected by clicking on the checkmark box to the left.

GMX Mail Create Folders

 In this way, a tool panel will appear on the top. Click on “Move” and then on the folder you want to move the message. The email will be moved immediately.

GMX Mail Create Folders

To delete a message, after selecting the email from the list click on “Delete” and the message will be removed.

GMX Mail Create Folders