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GMX Mail Security Options: How to Use Them

December 21, 2020

Email services are private platforms which users take advantage through personal accounts where important information and data is generated in the form of messages, attachments, calendar´s appointments and more. This means that any security breach is a risk for the users´ personal integrity and in other aspects.

That is why; GMX Mail includes a wide set of security options to protect personal accounts, in case of a suspicious event or even a privacy or security breach. Let´s address the Security Options in GMX Mail and explore options available respecting recovery account, password, contact email address, mobile phone number and security question.

Addressing the Security Options in GMX Mail in Detail

GMX Mail Security Options

To start, open session in GMX Mail in order to have access to the configurations and general settings. When you are in and logged in, the Home tab with the inbox is the screen that is show. To the left of this screen you will find a main menu. Click on the “Security Options” button on the last section of the main menu.

In this way, we will have access to the security options available in GMX Mail. Let´s start subcategories:


In the Password sub-category you will be able to find tools to change the password, in case you are having suspicion on somebody accessing your account or intruder. In the sub-category it is shown information about the last time the password was changed, as an indication of activity that can be useful to verify security breaches.

To change the password, click on “Change Password”.

GMX Mail Security Options

In this way, GMX Mail will let you change the password by entering a new one. It is recommended to use different types of characters; uppercases and lowercases, numbers and symbols. You need to know the old password to change it for a new one. Enter the requested information and click on “Save Changes”.

GMX Mail Security Options

Contact Email Address

The contact email address is the third party account requested by GMX Mail for security purposes to recover passwords, verify identity of the user and more. In the Contact Email Address sub-category, click on “Edit Contact Email Address” to change it in case is compromised.

GMX Mail Security Options

Enter the new contact email, current password and click on “Save Changes” to apply.

GMX Mail Security Options

Security Mobile Phone Number

In GMX Mail you can add a mobile phone number for security purposes as getting notifications every time you log in, when passwords are change and any other event. Click on “Add Mobile Number” to do it.

GMX Mail Security Options

Select the country, then enter the mobile number and current password, click on “Save Changes” and the information will be added.

GMX Mail Security Options

Security Question

A security question is another feature to protect your GMX Mail from intruders, requiring the platform the answer to this question to modify security parameters or change password. Click on “Add Security Question” to start.

GMX Mail Security Options

Choose the security question from the list, enter an answer, your current password and then click on “Save Changes” to apply them.

GMX Mail Security Options