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How to Add an Email Account from Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo in GMX Mail

December 30, 2020

The majority of users have several email accounts from different providers, due to characteristics and for other reasons. In many occasions, we like to receive emails to one account since it is the one we are more familiarized with, but contacts, newsletter and notifications are sent to another account we have but do not use as often.

This is why in GMX Mail you can add email accounts from Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo and get those messages right in your inbox. This is how is done through the Mail Collector option in GMX Mail.

Opening Session in GMX Mail to Set Mail Collector

To start using Mail Collector, we need to log in on GMX Mail. To do it, let´s first access the official webpage “” using the browser of choice. Once the page is loaded, click on the “Log in” button on the top right corner of the screen, and by doing so the platform will as for credentials.

Click on “Log in” after entering you email account and password and if they are corrected you must be signed in shortly.

Adding New Third-Party Accounts in GMX Mail

GMX Mail allows the user to add third-party accounts and receive messages from these providers directly on the inbox, in order to get all personal, business, newsletter and notification messages in one place.

Now that we have logged in, go to the “E-mail” tab on top of the screen. In this way, options for email will appear and a main menu on the left with such options. For the purpose of adding third party accounts, click on “Mail Collector” on the E-mail category.

gmx email

A screen will appear explaining the functionality of Mail Collector. In the “E-mail” field, enter the address of the account to add. It is possible to enter accounts from major third-party providers like Gmail, Yahoo Outlook. Then, enter the password related to the account you are entering.

With the options below, you can choose if emails received are deleted after fetched, and you can also select if separating the emails from another provider in a different folder. Click on “Save” after the information is entered.

When GMX Mail confirms that the account and password are actually valid, it will require to enter additional information to successfully add the third-party account. Complete the Password, Server, Port and Username fields to continue the process and then click on “Save” once again.

When it comes to the Server and Port information, email providers offer this information online through a quick search, since for every one of them the data is different. Unfortunately, without this information it will not be possible to connect one account to GMX Mail, since this is mandatory information for POP3 and IMAP protocols to function properly.