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How to Create Alias Addresses in GMX Mail

December 16, 2020

Outstanding and high quality email platforms provide great security and privacy options, if these are compared to other solutions that usually do not include any. In the case of GMX Mail as a comprehensive email website that is focused on security and privacy, the platform offers the option to create aliases as a quite relevant feature to consider.

But, what is exactly an alias address in GMX Mail? Let´s find out and how to create one to start using it and take advantage of a privacy feature that will help to protect identity in general.

What are Alias Addresses?

Alias addresses in GMX Mail are alternative email addresses that are utilized to substitute the default sender address when sending a message. In this way, the real email account from which such message is being sent is not revealed in any way, appearing other address to reply.

This has a very significant privacy purpose for those that want to keep their GMX Mail account safe and far away from security risks and spam, among others as malware and more. This is the best way to have our actual email addressed completely anonymous.

Creating an Alias Address in GMX Mail

To start creating an alias address in GMX Mail, the first thing to do is to open session on the platform. Once you are in, go to the “Home” tab on top of the screen and click it, and then click on the option “Alias Address” that is located in the main menu on the left, specifically in the Access Option category.

Alias GMX Mail

Now, the alias addresses page will appear showing the default email address at first, which is the default email account. To hide this address, go to the Create Alias Addresses section and enter the new alias address, then next to it you can choose the domain from a list. Click on “Create Alias Address” to finish the process.

In this case the alias address will be “JonDoe2020” and the domain will be “”.

Alias GMX Mail

Immediately the new alias address will be added to the list and this means that the process was successful, so the alias can now be utilized at any moment.

Alias GMX Mail

You can also change the sender name so it appears another one instead. Go to the Define Sender Name section, enter a new one in “Sender Name”, click on “Save” and changes will apply. The new sender name will be “Jon Doe”.

Alias GMX Mail

How to Use Alias Addresses in GMX Mail

With a new alias address created we can start using it for its main purpose of protecting privacy and identity. So, when you are about to send a new message you can now choose between your default or alias address.

To do it, on the new message screen go to the “From” section and choose. As you can see, it is available the alias address “[email protected]” recently created. Select it and this will be the one to be shown to the recipients, hiding the actual email account.

Alias GMX Mail
Alias GMX Mail