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GMX Mail How to Create an Account

November 23, 2020

GMX Mail is an outstanding emailing solution with over 20 million users to this day. This platform offers plenty of advantages in terms of security, usability, organization features and powerful functions that make it the best for individual use and also for small and mid-tier businesses. Here is the process on how to create an account in GMX Mail and start taking advantage of a comprehensive service.

Signing up in GMX Mail: First Steps

Creating a new account and signing up in GMX is very easy. A few steps must be followed and in no time a new account will be able for you to use. Lest get started.

To begin with, access the official GMX Mail webpage on the internet either via a traditional internet browser of your choice or also through a smartphone. The official site to visit is “”. Like this, we are going to access GMX´s home page in just a few seconds after it loads, and this is how it looks.

gmx mail create account

As we can see, the main options of the site are located on the top, with “Email”, “Cloud” and “Security”. Further to the right there are the Search bar, the “Sign up” and “Log in” buttons. To start the registration process, let´s click on “Sign Up”, as logical.

The registration process will start by requiring to enter the email account you want. In the “Create your email account” button, type the name of your choice and then click on “Check” and the platform will let you know if such name is available. If the name is not available, the blank space will turn red and the system will ask to enter a new email name. 

create gmx mail account

create gmx mail account

After scrolling down a little bit depending on your screen, personal information will be required to enter, such as name and last name, country and date of birth. The platform will check legal age, which must be 18 or 21, depending on the user´s location.  

create gmx mail account

Next, it comes the important step of entering the password. This passphrase must have at least 8 characters and for more security, it is recommended to include lowercases, capital letters, symbols and numbers. In fact, unsecure passwords with only numbers or follow letters as “1234” or “abcd” will not be accepted.

create gmx mail account

Finally, the last step for registration is to set the “Password Recovery Option”, which could be configured using either SMS or by email. You can choose the one you prefer. If “SMS” is selected, a code will be sent to the user to the mobile number entered.

create gmx mail account

Click on “I agree, create an email account now” and the account will be created and ready to use in a few seconds.

create gmx mail account

Following the previous steps, users will be able to enjoy a free, powerful and reliable email platform with a lot of potential in security, organization and personal features in GMX Mail. Signing up process can be easily completed in just five minutes or less.