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How to Log in and Sign Out in GMX Mail

November 23, 2020

When it comes to email services, what is needed is reliability, security and a great array of features that require to be more than just sending and getting messages. GMX Mail is exactly that, as a platform with plenty of functions and characteristic, not just for mailing but also for personal and business use that guarantee security and privacy.

Now, in order to use this service the logical thing to do is entering by signing in. let´s see how is the process of logging in and signing out of GMX Mail, and take advantage of incredible organization, security and email features.

Accessing the GMX Official Page and Signing Up

To log in and check emails received on the inbox, first of all we must have registered before and have a GMX account. In case you do not have an account, you must enter the official GMX homepage and sign up.

Signing up is very easy. To do it, visit the webpage to have access to the platform. Being on the homepage, click on the “Sign Up” button located at the top right of the screen.

After clicking on this option, the registration process will start and by entering the required information in no time you will have a proper GMX account to receive and send messages a lot more in just one place.

How to Log In On GMX Mail

If you have a GMX Mail account or just created one recently, the next step to use the platform is by logging in, which is piece of cake. Let´s access the GMX official web page again:, and then locate the proper option on the top right corner that says “Log in”. The button is blue for better reference as it can be seen on the image.

Log in GMX Mail

By doing so, a new menu will come down where the platform will ask the user to enter the account credentials to access. First, you must enter the “Email” on the corresponding blank space, and down below the same thing with “Password”. When the credentials are entered, click on “Log in” and the inbox will load quickly.

Log in GMX Mail

In case of having problems at the moment of logging in, whether they are related with email or password, click on the option “Can´t access your account? And the platform will provide different solutions to solve the issue. The option is below the “Log in” button.

sing in GMX Mail

How to sign out of GMX Mail

After you have used GMX Mail and messages to be received and sent have been taken care of, the best thing to do is to close session or sign out, particularly helpful when the user have accessed from a shared computer or device.

To log out, go to the inbox and click on the “Logout” button that is placed on top of the inbox. In this way, the previously logged user will be removed and the account access will be secured, asking for email and password in case of wanting to enter again.

sign out of GMX Mail